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Therapy & Evaluation Services

ASK Speech Therapy works with children of all ages in Westmoreland County, PA. Our treatment approaches are tailored to each child, ranging from play-based therapy methods to systematic language training. By serving children in their natural environments, we can build communication skills that they will use every day and teach parents new strategies along the way!

Highly-experienced & caring speech therapists

Convenient & flexible service locations

Personalized therapy that aligns with your needs

Home practice programs to support progress

disorders treated


Communication evaluations may take place in your home, at your child’s local daycare or preschool, or online via teletherapy. Our process typically includes a parent interview, intake forms, a formal standardized assessment, and consultation with teachers, physicians, or other relevant providers as needed. Once the evaluation is complete, we share a clear written report with our findings and discuss our treatment plan. We set your child up to experience real and meaningful growth by writing therapy goals that are tailored to their individual needs and your family's priorities!

Disorders Treated

We use evidence-based therapy methods to treat the following diagnoses:

  • ​Language Delays and Disorders

  • Speech Sound Disorders

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Social Communication Challenges

  • Stuttering

  • Selective Mutism

​At ASK Speech Therapy, we are committed to helping your child communicate, connect, and lead their most independent lives– regardless of their diagnosis!

SPEECH and language
Young girl working on speech sounds in speech therapy in PA
Parent reading a book with child who has a language delay
Child doing speech therapy online via teletherapy at home
social skills

Speech Therapy

Based on your child’s age, speech abilities, and interests, we may engage in play-based therapy activities or traditional articulation therapy methods. Our sessions will focus on helping your child:


  • Speak clearly

  • Use all age-appropriate speech sounds

  • Understand sound rules

  • Coordinate speech muscle movements

  • Use strategies for fluent speech


We will also send activities home and teach caregivers how to support speech sound practice between therapy sessions!

Language Therapy

Our language therapy sessions range from child-led activities to structured language training. We can improve your child's receptive and expressive language skills by supporting their ability to: 


  • Communicate using new vocabulary

  • Combine words into complex sentences

  • Answer a variety of question types

  • Comprehend words, conversations, and reading passages

  • Follow simple and complex directions

  • Use age-appropriate grammar and syntax


When appropriate, we will get all of your child’s senses involved in therapy by using traditional text, electronic resources, and digital activities!

Early Literacy Intervention

Using evidence-based methods, we can set your child up for academic success in reading and spelling! Our sessions focus on establishing foundational early literacy skills, such as: 


  • Phonemic (sound) awareness

  • Sound-to-letter correspondence 

  • Phonological skills

  • Identification of syllables and rhymes 


We make early literacy fun by incorporating engaging books, rhymes, songs, and fingerplays!

Social Skills

We take a functional approach to social skills therapy, supporting the following skills needed for building connections with family, friends, and new communication partners:


  • Collaborative and pretend play skills

  • Knowledge of social cues and non-verbal communication

  • Turn-taking during games

  • Engaging in conversational exchanges

  • Making inferences and understanding figurative (non-literal) language


We provide vast opportunities for your child to learn how to form meaningful relationships through appropriate interactions.

Contact us today to learn how we can support your child's communication, academic, and social skill development!

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